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Report finds 164% increase in cyber threats targeting brands | Loxicom

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In a new report, it is revealed that there are more impersonation accounts of key corporate personnel on social media.

ZeroFox's latest report on trends shows that digital threats against brands have increased 164% between 2023's first and second quarters. This trend highlights the importance of protecting an organization's brands against digital risks, such as fraud and impersonation.

The 2023 Brand Protection Trend Report examined threat actor behavior that targeted organizations' brands during the second quarter 2023. It found a significant increase in domain and executive impersonations, which are designed to take advantage of the trust brands have developed with their customers. This can lead to damage to the brand reputation and loyalty.

Report Highlights

  • The number of verified alerts related to brand threats such as fraud and scams has increased by 35% quarter-over-quarter. There's also been a 20% increase in impersonations.
  • This quarter, there was a 26% increase of fraudulent activity related to brands. More specifically, the number of fraudulent job postings has increased by more than 50%.
  • In the second quarter 2023, spoofed domains grew by nearly 20% compared to the first quarter. Just over one third of these were linked to phishing.
  • There was a 22% increase of key personnel and corporate impersonation profiles on social media with a bio, name and an image to legitimize the profile. Those that only used a biographie with a name increased by 35%.