About Loxicom

Security System/ Home Automation Company in Biloxi, Mississippi


Who We Are

Loxicom provides premium technology services for medium to small sized businesses as well as residential homes across Biloxi, Mississippi. These services include audio/video solutions, alarm, camera systems, home automation, PC and network management. We are a technology ally to our clients and offer an alliance that includes confidence, reliability, and being there during critical times of need.

​ Formed in Biloxi, Mississippi by two local boys with a passion to make technology work for, instead of against you. We strive to make the process of using your gadgets and smart home as easy as a summer day on the white sands of Biloxi's beaches. We do this by using trusted brands with years of innovation and a solid track record.

​ For our business solutions, we offer enterprise grade networks and security at a price any business can afford. With our email and PC management we take care of the technical obstacles so you can focus on growing your business.