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Apple Unveils Vision Pro: A Glimpse into the Future of Wearable Tech

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Apple's New Vision Pro Head-set 

Apple CEO Tim Cook debuted the $3.500 Vision Pro Head-set on Monday. These goggles have amazing technology that displays some cool images. In the future, goggles will be smaller and cheaper. Perhaps they'll one day be replaced by glasses. If the power cord was not attached, you might mistake them for ski goggles.

Apple's Vision Pro represents the company's first foray into "spatial computers". It is a computer you wear on your head. The headset allows you to see digital images superimposed onto the surrounding environment, instead of having to stare at a screen such as your smartphone or monitor.

Apple claims Vision Pro can do everything you can do on an iPhone or iPad, including running apps, using FaceTime, and watching videos. You will instead use your eye and hand movements to control the software. Apple's version is more intuitive, advanced and superior to Meta's VR headsets.

Apple's demonstration made me realize these were goggles. How many people would wear goggles for an extended time, regardless of size, weight, or price?

Apple struggled to answer this question in the demo. However, they're cool if watching a movie alone at home is something you enjoy. The screen can be made to fill the room. This is great if you're at home alone and want to watch your kids. FaceTime or watch videos with them. You can view multiple screens at once.

Apple's goggles have a built-in video display on their front. The video is captured using cameras mounted in your goggles, which are focused on your eye. It makes people feel less isolated. Apple claims that it is cool that the goggles let the wearer see the person wearing them and the person who does not. It would cost $3,500. They revealed this information at its annual Developer Conference, more than half a year before it will start shipping the goggles. This was to allow developers time to create content.

Some will. Whether you believe Vision Pro or subsequent models will be mass-market devices, the possibility of being a top-tier application on Apple's new platform is an attractive prospect.

Apple believes that today's announcement is not the end. The iPhone will get lighter, cheaper and with a longer battery life. You can compare the iPhone 2007 model to the iPhone that you have today.