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Warning!! Google may delete all your photos! |

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Google Photos allows you to save your favorite photos without cluttering your phone or computer. 

Google Photos will delete your account if you haven't signed in for a long time or logged in.

Instead Google is concerned about a lack of storage. It's likely that a compromised account will be one that isn't used regularly. This is because accounts that are forgotten or left unattended rely on passwords they have already compromised or old ones. These accounts also do not have two-factor verification set up and are subjected to fewer security tests.

Using our own analysis, we found that abandoned accounts were 10x less likely than active accounts to be protected with 2-step verification. These accounts can be exploited to spread malicious or unwanted content.

You should double check what you've done and when even if this policy only applies to Google accounts.

Google Photos: Worried about losing them? Do not panic!

Google clarifies images that are stored in accounts that have not been used or forgotten will not be immediately deleted.

The policy was explained as being implemented gradually, with care and ample notice. The policy will go into effect on 16 May, but users with inactive accounts won't be affected immediately. We will begin deleting accounts on December 20 and 23. We will delete accounts in phases starting with those created but not used. You will be notified several times before the deletion of your account. The account email as well as the recovery email if you have one are included.

You must remember to log in to your Google account at all times. You could lose your images stored in Google Photos if you forget to log into your account. Check all of your Google accounts to make sure you are not losing anything.

If you own a business or would like help managing your data and storage, please feel free to reach out, as we offer several monthly maintenance packages.