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General purpose robots are entering the workforce |

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Sanctuary AI is a tech company that has developed a robot capable of performing tasks normally performed by humans. The robot can be used with or without human assistance.

The challenge: Robots and humans have worked together for decades. These robots were highly specialized, moving metal pieces from one location to another repeatedly.

The business owner purchased several robots to automate multiple tasks.

Creating a robot that is capable of doing a wide range of tasks is harder than creating one that only does one

Phoenix, the most sensor-rich, physically capable humanoid, has been built. Geordie, the co-founder, CEO, and founder of the startup, stated that the company also wanted the AI platform to grow quickly in intelligence, so it could handle a variety of tasks.

Details Phoenix is 5'7" tall, weighs 155 lbs and can lift up to 55 lbs. Its hands have 20 degrees freedom. The robot uses haptic sensors for tasks that require dexterity or precision, such as picking up fruit or labeling packages.

Carbon is the brain of the robot and can be taught to perform new tasks using computer simulations.

Phoenix is able to "Learn by Demonstration". The method uses a virtual reality headset to show the robot what it sees, and a device to guide it in completing a new task.

People with disabilities can work at home using remote control, which prevents injuries caused by physical labor. There will be more jobs available for them.

Sanctuary showed the potential for robot remote work in a January pilot test at Mark's near its headquarters. A human was responsible for guiding the startup's fifth generation general-purpose robotic systems through 110 tasks. It is approximately 40% of what an average employee in a store would do.

The capabilities of Phoenix and the time required to teach Phoenix new abilities are unknown.

Sanctuary is deploying its general-purpose robotics at various locations around the headquarters. We will soon have more information. The benefits of robots do not just apply to those who purchase one. A robot can be hired by the hour.

Ben Reed, Chief Marketing Officer, told The Register that "our model relies upon offering labor as a'service' to our clients. The hourly rate is based on both the complexity of the work and the business.