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Protecting Your Home: How Alarm Systems Can Keep You Safe

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According to the FBI, in 2019, there were an estimated 1,117,696 burglaries in the United States, with an average loss of $2,661 per burglary. Homes without alarm systems are significantly more likely to be targeted by burglars, as they are seen as easier targets.

Here are some statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of alarm systems:

  1. Burglars are less likely to target homes with alarm systems. According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina, 60% of convicted burglars stated that they would avoid a home with an alarm system.

  2. Alarm systems can reduce the likelihood of a break-in. According to the Electronic Security Association, homes without security systems are three times more likely to be broken into than homes with security systems.

  3. The sound of an alarm can deter intruders. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the sounding of an alarm during a burglary can cause a burglar to flee in 60% of cases.

  4. Alarm systems can lead to faster response times from law enforcement. Many modern alarm systems are connected to monitoring services that can alert law enforcement in the event of a break-in. This can lead to faster response times, as police can be dispatched immediately.

  5. Homeowners with alarm systems often pay less for insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts for homes with alarm systems, as they are seen as less of a risk.

Overall, alarm systems are an effective way to protect homes from burglars. They can deter intruders, reduce the likelihood of a break-in, lead to faster response times from law enforcement, and can even save homeowners money on insurance. Investing in an alarm system can provide peace of mind and help keep your home and belongings safe.


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