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Can't find something to watch? Google TV just got over 800 channels for free in the US

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Google launched the Live tab which allows users to watch more than 800 live TV channels for free.

If you recently dropped Netflix because of its new rules for password sharing or if you've dropped another streaming service, there should still be something available on your Google TV.

Tubi can be viewed without Sling but Sling must be installed to access paid Sling content.

Google TV users only in the US can get this update. The update will only be available to Google TV users in the US.

You can find a lot of trash TV on the internet.

Google's Live Tab does not only provide English-language content. You may have trouble following the 800 channels if you don't speak Spanish or Japanese.

You can find some gems in the mud, including Top Gear, Hell's Kitchen, and MythBusters. WB TV Watchlist and Stories by AMC will feature hit shows like Westworld and The Walking Dead.

You can also favorite a channel you like. You can create your own collection to select from the next time you want to watch something.


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