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How to Reset a Starlink Router: Three Methods Explained

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How to Reset a Starlink Router: Three Methods Explained

If your Starlink router is having issues, restoring its factory settings could help to address them. Doing this will delete any custom settings and configurations you have made over time before restoring its default state - we will cover three methods here depending on which model of Starlink router is involved.

Resetting With Starlink Router - Rectangular Starlink 

Method 1

This approach requires physical access to your Starlink router and is the recommended way of factory resetting it.

Step 1: Unplug the StarLink Router

First, unplug your Starlink router from its power socket.

Step 2: Reconnect Your Router

Repeatedly plug in and unplug your Starlink router six times with a 3-second gap between each time, in order to initiate the factory reset process.

Step 3: Allow Your Router to Reboot

After rebooting for the sixth time, wait several minutes for your router to reboot - once done so, its factory settings should have been reset.

Resetting With Starlink App - Rectangular Starlink

Method 2

This method requires having the Starlink app installed on your phone or tablet device.

Step 1: Launch the Starlink App

Step one is to download and launch the Starlink app onto your phone or tablet device.

Step 2: To access the menu icon, tap on it.

Next, to access the menu icon in the upper-left corner of your screen.

Step 3: To Select the Starlink Router Option.

Select "Starlink Router" from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: To access the Reset Button, touch it once with the stylus.

Touching the "Reset" button located at the bottom of your screen to reset.

Step 5: Confirm Your Reset

Whilst toggling between modes is simple enough, one more step needs to be completed for complete factory reset process to take place. Tap "Confirm" button on device screen to begin factory reset procedure.

Step 6: Wait for Your Router to Reboot

Wait a few minutes for the router to reboot; when it finishes rebooting, its settings should have been restored back to their factory defaults.

Resetting to Factory Settings With Starlink Router or Starlink Mesh Node - Circular Starlink

Method 1

Depending on the model of router or mesh node that you own, factory reset can be even simpler.

Press and hold the dedicated reset button of the circular dish Starlink router for 10 seconds to start its factory reset process.

Follow the same steps for setting up a Starlink Mesh Node as for its router counterpart, except repeat the power cycling process six times instead of five.

Once your router or mesh node has been factory reset, all your saved devices, Wi-Fi name and password information and saved settings will have vanished - forcing you to set everything up anew.

What Is the Ideal Timing of Factory Resets?

Practically, factory resetting in Starlink routers takes some time. Although no specific time limit exists for factory resets, on average it usually takes 5-8 minutes. Therefore, if urgent work needs to be completed immediately or you experience issues during urgent tasks it is advisable to use mobile hotspot during this period and factory reset your Starlink router later.

Why Is Factory Resetting Starlink Router Important?

If your router is experiencing problems, a factory reset may be the best way to resolve them. By restoring optimal settings on your router and solving ongoing issues such as slow internet or no connectivity issues, resetting will restore optimal settings while providing solutions.