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Valereum to Acquire Gibraltar Stock Exchange and Create World's First Integrated Bourse for Conventional Bonds and Cryptocurrencies

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By: Shawn Chambers


Valereum, a blockchain firm headquartered in Gibraltar, recently announced their plans to purchase the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX). This move will create the world's first integrated exchange to list both traditional bonds and top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The GSX is a regulated exchange that offers listing, trading and settlement services for various securities. Valereum's acquisition is set to breathe new life into the exchange which has been struggling to compete with larger international exchanges in recent years.

Valereum's expertise in blockchain technology will enable the GSX to venture into the digital asset space, providing new revenue streams for the exchange. Furthermore, this acquisition should create investment opportunities for both retail and institutional investors who will be able to trade a range of financial instruments on one platform.

Chris Forrester, Valereum's CEO, has stated that this acquisition will offer investors an "unique proposition," providing access to both traditional and digital assets through a regulated, trusted, and secure platform.

The move is expected to further cement Gibraltar's position as a premier fintech hub. The British Overseas Territory has long been attractive to companies in the financial services industry due to its favorable tax regime and regulatory environment. Now with the acquisition of GSX, Gibraltar could become an even more prominent hub for digital assets.

Valereum's acquisition of the GSX is not its first, as they have been buying up various blockchain and fintech companies in recent years. The firm has stated its intention to create a global network of regulated exchanges which will permit investors to trade various financial assets including cryptocurrencies securely and compliantly.

Valereum remains confident about their acquisition of the GSX, though regulatory approval is required. If successful, this deal will usher in a new era in investing opportunities by bringing together traditional and digital assets on one platform.