Blockchain, digital assets, reports, 2025

Digital Assets & Blockchain estimation by 2025

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By: Shawn Chambers 


Numerous reports predict that blockchain technology, fintech and tokenization will see significant growth over the next few years. Two reports provide an insight into the potential value these industries could have by 2030.

PwC's first report predicts that by 2030, the market value of all blockchain businesses will be $1.76 trillion. This is due to the widespread adoption of blockchain technology in various industries such as finance, healthcare, supply chain management, and healthcare. It is clear that blockchain technology will grow in popularity and companies will realize the many benefits.

CoinPriceForecast's second report predicts that by 2030, the market value of all digital assets will be $50 trillion. This is due to the growing adoption of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies as a store-of-value and medium of exchange. It is clear that digital assets' market value will grow as more investors get involved and more businesses adopt blockchain technology.

Particularly, tokenization is expected to play an important role in the expansion of digital assets. Companies can create investment opportunities by tokenizing non-liquid assets like artwork, real estate, and collectibles. Investors have a great opportunity as tokenization grows in popularity.

The future of tokenization, fintech and blockchain technology looks bright. There is significant growth in these sectors by 2030. It is clear that these industries will continue growing in market capital, which represents a huge opportunity for both investors and businesses.