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Don't Fall for These Home Security Scams: How to Spot Misleading Sales Tactics

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Home security is a top concern for both homeowners and renters alike, and there are plenty of companies that promise to keep your property secure. Unfortunately, not all providers have the best intentions; some use deceptive sales techniques to pressure customers into signing up for unnecessary or ineffective services which results in wasted money and an inaccurate sense of security.

Deceptive home security companies often prey upon fear to sell their products. Sales representatives may falsely assert crime rates are rising or that burglars are targeting homes with certain characteristics, like outdated security systems. They may also exaggerate the effectiveness of their solutions or make unfounded assertions about their connections to law enforcement authorities.

Another strategy is to advertise a "free" or heavily discounted system, only to charge hidden fees or lock customers into long-term contracts with high monthly monitoring charges. In some cases, customers may not even realize they've signed an agreement until after signing on the spot without reading all details carefully.

False sales tactics not only cost customers money, but they may put them in jeopardy as well. Homes without adequate security systems become prime targets for criminals who may view them as easy pickings and become more motivated to break in. Furthermore, customers may feel less inclined to invest in more reliable security measures after being scammed by an unscrupulous company.

Consumers looking to avoid becoming the victim of home security scams should do their due diligence before signing up with a company. Read reviews and check the business' accreditation with organizations like the Better Business Bureau; also, carefully read contracts before signing anything and be wary of any company that uses high-pressure sales techniques or makes unrealistic promises.

Home security is an integral part of keeping your property secure. But it's essential to exercise caution when selecting a security company; unscrupulous sales tactics and scams can put customers at risk and cost them money; thus, do your due diligence before signing up with any provider.


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