Resetting users in Microsoft Authenticator

Hello, this will help you reset a user's contact method in the Microsoft Authenticator app. This is useful when a user gets a new smartphone, an error occurs or when info is put in incorrectly. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1

First, log in to your Office 365 account. On the main page navigate to the Administration button on the bottom left. A new tab should appear in your browser.

Step 2

On the new tag, navigate to the left of the screen and click the Users button, a drop down menu will appear, Click Active Users and you will be brought to a new menu.

Step 3

Once on the Active Users page, click the Multi-factor Authentication button. A new tab will appear

Step 4

On the Multi-factor Authentication page, scroll to the correct user or alternatively click the magnifying glass icon to search directly for the user.

Step 5

Select the user by clicking the checkmark box to the left of their name, then click Manage User Settings on the left under Quick Steps. A new box will appear, select Required selected user(s) to provide contact methods again. Click save. The users will now be able to use the authenticator app on their new device.